George Lee Chairman & CEO
  • Majored in Clinical Medicine, been awarded MBA in Law and Business Management from China University of Political Science and Law, EMBA from the British Commonwealth

  • Ph.D in World Economics

  • Once employed in a health administrative agency, served as clinical doctor in the hospital, entered pharmaceutical sales field in the 1990s, served as senior executive both in domestically renowned and listed pharmaceutical companies and in foreign pharmaceutical enterprises

  • Founded Trade Star in 2000

  • Member of CPA

  • Executive member of National Association of Health Industry Enterprise Management

  • Member of Western Returned Scholars Association (Southeast Asia Branch)

  • Member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association

  • Director of Society of Infectious Diseases, CMA Researcher of Law and Business Management Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law

 Li Yun  Executive Vice President
  • Majored in Accounting, CPA

  • Former CFO of a listed company

  • In charge of corporate finance and administrative department

 Hou Lizhi  Vice President


  • Received Master’s Degree from Anhui Agricultural University, Licensed pharmacist, senior economist

  • MBA from University of Science and Technology of China

  • Severed successively as provincial manager, regional manager, sales director, assistant general manager, and general manager in Hefei Shenlu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Beijing General Pharmaceutical Corporation, Anhui Lifeon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd etc.

  • Well versed in the policies and marketing rules of various channels in pharmaceutical industry. Well experienced in the operation and management in the field of pharmaceutical circulation

 Jie Sun  Vice President
  • Graduated from Renmin University of China (RUC) with a major in Marketing

  • Awarded Medicine EMB from Peking University, been the monitor of EMB Term 31, vice-chairman of Alumni Association

  • Entered into the medicine sales field for more than ten years, he has rich experience in pharmaceutical marketing and management practice and had served successively asthe sales manager of a listed enterprise’s pharmaceutical branch office and thevice-general manager of medical companies

 Zhou Yongxin  Investment Director of Trade Star and Executive Director of Nanjing Meirui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Received Doctor of Science degree from Peking University

  • Post doctorate in BMS in Academy of Military Medical Sciences

  • Once served as director of Analysis and Biochemical Laboratory in Pharmacology and Toxicology Institute, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, international coordinator and researcher of Human Liver Proteome Project, research scientist of Antibody Laboratory in the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, served concurrently as assistant to CEO and general manager in Marketing and Planning Management Center of an American listed pharmaceutical company, former vice general manager & marketing director of a Chinese listed company.

  • With specialism in medicine R&D, marketing management, investment, M&A, etc

 Li Weijie  General Manager of Keanrui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
  • Holds a Master of Science degree from College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University

  • Well experienced in the field of pharmaceutical research and development

  • With specialism in project approval, development and application of pharmaceuticals

 Ma Hong  General Manager of Engineering and Procurement Center


  • Holds Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from Tongji Medical College of HUST. Served in a healthcare agency in local government, Fujian Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Carephar., served successively as manager of manufacturing and quality control department, assistant general manager of manufacturing department, assistant to CEO, served as general manager of production center in a listed company, general manager of a drug manufacturing enterprise.

  • Been Engaged in quality control of drug manufacturing for over two decades.

  • Familiar with the TCM extraction, APIs, oral solid and liquid preparations, powder injection, lyophilized powder for injection, liquid ointment preparations for topical use,with rich management experience in quality control, materials management and project management.

 Liu Ye  General Manager of Keanrui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd (Japan)


  • Majored in Clinical Medicine in Norman Bethune Health Science Center of Jilin University

  • Graduated from Medical School of Nihon University, been awarded Sasagawa Scholarship

  • Journalist and editor of medical journals, chief representative of Sankyo Company Limited.’s office in Beijing, director of R&D in EPS China Co., Ltd, executive vice president of Shanghai Rixin Co., Ltd, general manager of Xiuhe Medical Technique Co., Ltd etc.

  • With over 30 years of management experience in pharmaceutical R&D and overseas business operation of pharmaceutical enterprises.